Chris George established CG&A COMMUNICATIONS in 1994 to provide strategic public relations and government affairs services. The firm specializes in advocacy campaigns, issues management and wordsmith services.

We are advocates first and foremost. To advocate is to argue, to persuade, and to move mountains. For your objectives, we will do all of these and more. We will provide the discreet counsel and support services to ensure you meet your objectives.

We are public relations and government affairs advisors. We will manage critical issues and position ideas – and we can design and implement your advocacy campaign. Need to make a point? Best to sharpen your message and take aim. Challenged? Let us help you.

We are wordsmiths and copy-editors. We craft language to bring ideas to life. We employ words to impress, persuade and make a statement. Your words matter. You must make them count. We will ensure that they do.

Over the years our clients have been both private and not-for-profit, ranging from corporate entities such as an international airport and a private security force, to public institutions such as hospitals and health care services; from a preeminent national victims’ rights organization to provincial ministers and senior government officials.